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Your New Favorite Wedding Vendor May Be One on Wheels…

Looking for a fun way to bring a little whimsy to your wedding? May we suggest… a mobile wedding vendor! Bars on wheels are making the rounds trending in weddings this year and they just get cuter every time we turn around. One perk to bars on wheels? They travel! Wine, beer, champagne, cocktails and mocktails – mobile bars literally bring the fun to you. Couples looking for a twist on standard wedding food have also been looking to fancy food trucks as a way to spice up their big day. Food and drinks aren’t the only fun that can be served up on wheels during your wedding, though. Think DIY floral bouquet favor stations and vintage Airstream-converted-super cute boho photo booth. Keep reading to discover these Oklahoma wedding vendors on the fun side of nuptial trends.

Vintage Mobile Bar

mobile wedding vendors, mobile bubbly bar, Bubble Tub

Photo: Courtesy of Bubble Tub

Bubble Tub

With a vintage truck as adorable as it is unique, Bubble Tub brings the party to you with its unparalleled bar on wheels. With a gorgeous, fully-restored 1968 HY Citroen truck, Bubble Tub offers a specialized selection of wine, food, and of course, bubbles! And just like the Bubble Tub itself, each event is catered to your unique style. To make every glass of wine at your wedding as memorable as it is delicious, you can count on Bubble Tub.

Adorable Bar on Wheels

mobile wedding vendors – Tiny Bubbles OKC – mobile bar on wheels

Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Bubbles OKC

Tiny Bubbles OKC

This adorable mobile beverage company offers show stopping bar service by way of their two Piaggio Apé tap trucks. Your guests will not only be wowed by the uniqueness of this adorable mobile wedding vendor, but it provides a great photo op as well! Tiny Bubbles OKC owners, Brandi and Jeremiah, have an extensive background in hospitality and the beverage industry, which translates to a one-of-a-kind experience from menu development to day of service.

Photo: Courtesy of The Buzzed Bee

The Buzzed Bee

Transformed from horse trailer to a bar on wheels, The Buzzed Bee features two taps and ample storage space to ensure drinks stay chilled.  The Buzzed Bee operates as a dry bar which means you provide the alcohol while they focus on the logistics of setting up the bar and providing skilled bartenders to serve your chosen beverages! It’s a great choice for those who have specific preferences for their drink selection or want to manage their alcohol budget more closely. The Buzzed Bee makes the perfect addition to any event!

Coffee: Anytime, Anywhere

Photo: Courtesy of Green and Orange Coffee

Green and Orange Coffee

This Mobile Espresso Bar started as a way to bring premium single estate coffee to anyone, anywhere. With house-crafted flavors, locally-roasted single origin espresso, and two highly experienced (and fun) baristas, you are certain to receive some of the best tasting coffee beverages in the state. With menu customization, drink themes, or any other requests for the big day!

Still looking to make your ordinary Oklahoma wedding details a little more extraordinary? We know the best in the business! Browse a vast variety of Oklahoma wedding vendors here. Cheers!

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