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This Oklahoma Couple Took their Engagement to the Wichita Mountains


Andrea and Sean are the sweetest pair in their engagement shoot around the Wichita Mountains captured by Laura Eddy Photography! The couple attended the same high school, but their story first began when they were 16 and met at their job. Since Sean was a grade ahead of Andrea, they had different friend groups so there wasn’t much interaction with one another. However, they ended up attending the same college and reconnecting through mutual friends. It didn’t take very long for the two to start dating during freshman year and they’ve been together ever since.

Their obvious chemistry throughout this Wichita Mountains engagement shoot makes us believe in happy endings! Bride-to-be Andrea says she can hardly wait to tie the knot in their August ceremony coordinated by Poppy + Prim to take place at the lovely Mansion at Woodward Park constructed in 1920 with a unique mix of Italian Renaissance and Art Deco architecture, but one of the details she is most excited for is their flowers. “We really want to tap into florals being the focal point,” Andrea said. “It’ll be all the pinks and pastels of my dreams! I love fresh blooms and the power that they have to completely change a space. I also can’t help but dream about how beautiful they’re going to make every room smell!” We couldn’t agree more and we can’t wait to see just how romantic this couple’s late summer wedding turns out to be. Read on for a note from the bride about how he popped the question. Cheers!

From the bride: “We had plans to meet downtown with a group of our friends for my birthday. Sean called me and said that he would be late because he had a work meeting, so he would have to meet us there after. I was a little bummed that he’d be late… But mostly suspicious because it was a Friday night and who has a late meeting on a Friday?! So I tell my friends about it and they tell me to brush it off because they were very obviously in on the plan. One of my besties picked me up and we drove to The Mayo Hotel where we planned to meet up for drinks before dinner. Poor thing, she was a nervous wreck the whole way there, I knew something was up at that point! Once we made our way up to the bar I spotted a few extra friends and family that I wasn’t expecting. Before I could start greeting anyone, or ask any questions for that matter, I was told to go out to the rooftop. When the door opened and I saw Sean standing at the far end I just knew! I swear I floated over to him! He got down on one knee and I said yes to forever. I still feel like I’m on the fluffiest cloud when I think about it!”

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