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Brooke Charbonneau Weds Samuel Peregrin | Organic Minimalist Oklahoma Wedding at Spain Ranch

We love a wedding that’s understated yet show-stopping, and that perfectly describes Brooke and Samuel’s organic minimalist Oklahoma wedding at Spain Ranch. Pretty florals from The Wild Mother and dramatic draping from Daniel Weir Design are the perfect combination. Cheers to this adorable duo!

Photos // KET Photography

While at the University of Oklahoma, Brooke began working as a barista at Crimson & Whipped Cream. Between making lattes, Brooke found herself intrigued by her handsome coworker, Samuel. He spent the time between customer rushes quietly reading. Being a talker, Brooke was perplexed by his lack of conversation. As it would turn out, Samuel was intrigued by Brooke, too. Soon they became friends. And then on a Tuesday evening in August of 2015, Brooke and Samuel began dating.

A year and a half later, Brooke lost a bet with Samuel. The stakes? One elegant dinner. Brooke planned to settle the debt on January 28, 2017. They arrived at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse only to discover they were early for their reservation. Samuel suggested they park at Myriad Botanical Gardens to kill time. Brooke, however, was in 4-inch heels and didn’t want to do a lot of walking. Despite her protests, Samuel persisted. Begrudgingly, Brooke agreed to make the walk. As they made the freezing trek across the park, they passed through a wooded area. Brooke looked over as he reached into his coat pocket and kneeled down. She stood with crossed arms, thinking he was tying his shoe. Then he pulled out a ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” Brooke, the talker, was speechless. “Is this a joke,” she nally stuttered. The quiet, calm-natured Samuel responded with a soft smile and, “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The next four months were spent frantically planning their wedding. On June 3, 2017, Brooke and Samuel became the Peregrins.

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