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Overloaded Cakes: an Over-abundance of Decadent Toppings from Oklahoma Cake Artists

This unbelievable array of overloaded cakes captured by Sheradee Hurst Photography for our Spring/Summer 2018 issue has us awestruck! Overflowing with intricate detail and impeccable craftsmanship, these edible masterpieces serve as only a small glimpse into the incredible talent held by some of our favorite local Oklahoma cake artists. Coles Garden in Oklahoma City was the perfect backdrop to showcase the decadent desserts. If you’re anything like us, your mouth will be watering in no time!

Photos // Sheradee Hurst Photography

Marbled Beauty | Amy Cakes

Iridescent Decadence | The Round House Bakery

Garden Romance | Sweet Devotion Cakery

Butterfly Garden | You Need a Cake

Fruitful Haven | Mishelle Handy Cakes

Floral Fairytale | Ms. Laura’s Cakes

Meet the photographer: “Before I even graduated high school I knew who I would marry after college.  He is not the man I’m married to today. No, he’s twelve years of marriage, three babies, and a lifetime of memories better than that now. He just keeps getting better.  This is the beginning of your journey.  I want to tell you what’s on the other side, because it is so fiercely beautiful, you almost won’t believe it. There will be a day you don’t remember what he looked like before the goatee.  There will be a day that you want him to remember, down to his core, the feeling of seeing you on your wedding day.  There will be a day you want only to relive it with your kids from beginning to end. I photograph wedding so that when life is fiercely beautiful you can look back on your wedding day and truly remember. Because this, oh this, is just the beginning of your fiercely beautiful life.” -Sheradee Hurst of Sheradee Hurst Photography

Other Local Vendors: Ms. Laura's Cakes, The Round House Bakery, Sheradee Hurst Photography, You Need A Cake