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Kaci Kennedy Weds Grant Newton | Rustic Ruby Red Wedding Captured by Sarah Libby Photography

Kaci and Grant tied the knot with a rustic vintage wedding at Oklahoma wedding venue Sparrow, and we sure do love all their gorgeous ruby red florals from Emerson Events, who also happened to be the couple’s amazing wedding planner! Sarah Libby Photography captured this beautiful gallery and we can’t get enough – take a peek!

Photos // Sarah Libby Photography

When Grant spotted Kaci in their economics class at Oklahoma State University, he thought she would make a great study partner. He quickly seized the opportunity to ask her to study “as friends.” Grant asked Kaci out for coffee a few months later and they have been together ever since.

Grant arranged a fun, surprise-filled weekend at home for Kaci. First, her cousin and close friend who lives in Arkansas made an unexpected visit. Elated, Kaci’s cousin led her to the spot where Grant first told Kaci he loved her. Four of Grant’s closest friends were waiting with a letter from him. They read Grant’s letter to Kaci whose eyes were welling with tears. Afterward, Kaci’s cousin took her to the same coffee shop where the pair shared their first date. Grant’s parents were waiting at the shop to read the next letter. Their next stop was Kaci’s childhood home where her parents and brother were waiting with a letter. The final letter was waiting at Kaci’s lifelong church along with four of her dearest friends. Finally, Kaci reached Grant who was waiting for her among a beautiful scene he had prepared. Through sweet words and prayers, Grant proposed. The joyous couple celebrated into the night with a houseful of their loved ones.

On May 28, 2017, Kaci and Grant were wed at the Sparrow Event Venue in Stillwater. They exchanged traditional vows and took communion. The couple cherished the quiet moments they shared in prayer with their parents before the ceremony.

The newlyweds danced into the night with close friends and family, excited about what the future will hold.

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