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Jansyn McKinney Weds Jacob Lewis | Summer Camp Loughridge Wedding

Jansyn and Jacob’s summer Camp Loughridge wedding is oh so stunning. Redeemed Productions captured the beautiful day full of purple hues and metallic accents provided by the amazing Party Pro Rentals. Cheers to Jansyn and Jacob!

Photography // Redeemed Productions 

From the bride: “Jacob and I met in college when we both attended a summer discipleship program called Kaleo in 2014. He says that he will always remember me walking to the pool with my crazy curly hair, and he thought he needed to get to know me. We didn’t get to spend much time together that summer, but we began to develop a friendship that eventually turned into a relationship. Two and a half years later, he came to the door of my sorority house with flowers and asked me to go on a date with him.

Jacob had been living in Dallas, while I was finishing school in Stillwater. One evening I had plans with my friends to go to the Pioneer Women Mercantile in Pawhuska. Our last stop before leaving was to pick up one of our friends from the lake where she was hanging out with her small group. As we pulled up, I saw a guy standing by the water surrounded by roses and white hydrangeas. I was so excited thinking I was about to watch someone get engaged, and then I realized the man standing there was Jacob! I was in complete shock. Once I gathered my composure, I walked to Jacob, who was standing in our favorite place at Lake Sandborne. He had made shadow boxes representing key parts of our relationship with letters written by him to accompany each one.”

Jacob then got down on one knee and asked Jansyn to marry him. She gladly said yes, and they spent the night celebrating with family and friends. After a whirlwind day, they spent the evening looking at the stars and talking about their future together.

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