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Tips & Tricks for Sending Out Your Thank You Cards (Plus Our Faves!)

We understand writing notes after your wedding can be a daunting and tedious task, but we can assure you that it isn’t as difficult or as boring as it may seem. A well written thank you note shows your guests a small token of your appreciation. This small gesture goes a long way – trust us. Writing these letters can also be fun if you incorporate fun stationary, a pretty pen with colorful ink, or even add your own personal touch with playful stickers. Plus, once you get these letters written and give yourself a check off the big to-do, we can guarantee you are going to feel less stressed, accomplished and most importantly, happy! We have collected a variety of beautiful thank you cards to help you with the task at hand. We have collected a variety of beautiful thank you cards to help you with the task at hand on our Amazon shop under Paperie! Grab a pen and take note because we have a lot to cover!

Tips & Tricks for Sending Out Your Thank You Cards (Plus Our Faves!)

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When to Send Thank You Notes

With all the festivities of your wedding coming to an end, it is important to send a thank you correspondence shortly following. Thank you notes sent months after the celebration is both impolite and not proper etiquette. For any gifts received before your wedding day, it is polite to send a note within two weeks of the gift’s arrival. Any gifts received on or after your wedding should be sent out within three months. By following this guideline, all your thank you notes will be sent out stress free and on-time!

What to Write in a Thank You Note

First and foremost, all thank you notes following your wedding should be handwritten per tradition. A handwritten note shows your guests you are thankful for them and that you personally took the time to express your gratitude. Secondly, when it comes to writing a note, there are a few things all of you are going to want to include. This includes expressing your appreciation for the gift or suggesting how you are going to spend the money they sent. If given money, make sure to include the amount in your note. or if given a gift, be specific with what they gave you. Thank them for the waffle irons, serving platters, endless champagne flutes, etc.! Also, it is polite to even write to the guests that didn’t send you a gift. Thank them for coming to the wedding and express how meaningful it was they were a part of your special day! Keep your notes short and sweet! It’s really that easy!

Pick Stationary that Matches Your Wedding Theme

When it came to planning your wedding, we are confident you selected a theme, color palette or a signature detail to incorporate throughout your big day! Just be sure to carry this theme over into the stationary you choose for writing all your thank you notes! Why not, ask your invitation designer to create thank you cards that coordinate with your original paperie! If you had a garden party soiree, try picking stationary that features floral illustration or colors that follow suit. Or if you did a butterfly-inspired celebration, find stationary that highlights that unique detail. The options are endless.

If you have room in your budget, consider ordering custom stationary with your new monogram. There are some incredible local shops that have custom monogram paper products available. If you are working with a tight budget, we have collected a variety of styles for any theme in our Amazon shop.

Make it a Team Effort

No matter if your wedding is large or intimate, there are going to be a lot of thank you notes that need to be addressed and written. Plus, if you are following our guidelines above, you are going to want to get your cards out in a timely manner. Our biggest advice is don’t be afraid to share the work with your partner. Divvy up the notes based on who knows which guests better! By doing this, it allows you to work together and not over burden one or the other with this important task. You can make it fun, too, by playing music or even rewarding yourself by planning a fun date for the both of you to go on once all the notes are complete. Trust us, it doesn’t have to be all boring!

Check out our full list of thank you card faves on our Amazon shop here!