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The Top 10 Historical Wedding Venues in Oklahoma

by Brides of Oklahoma

Looking for a venue to reflect vintage style? From they early days of statehood in 1907, through the roaring 20’s and into modern times, Oklahoma history is filled with beautiful architecture and stories. We’ve put together a collection of 10 historical wedding venues for those happy couples that are looking for a setting with a little bit of character! Tap into Oklahoma’s oil-filled, eloquent past and peruse all the historical style that it has to offer for your big day!

Harwelden Mansion



Harwelden Mansion was built by oilman Earl Palmer Harwell in the mid-1920s, the mansion is the only example of collegiate gothic English Tudor architecture in Tulsa. Since being donated to the Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council, it has been renovated and opened to the public as a venue with rich history for your special day!

Photos: Watson & Payne Photography

Marland Mansion & Estate


Marland Estate Mansion, Ponca City, OK

Oil baron E.W. Marland’s dream was to live in a palace, and so he created his own in Ponca City in 1925! Marland Mansion & Estate has over 55 rooms, including a North Salon and Ballroom with terrazzo floors that consist of individually poured sections of crushed marble and concrete. It is a spectacular location that is a testament to the wealth of the oil industry in 1920’s Oklahoma.

Photos: S. Murphy pics, Jim Argo

Festivities Event Center



Festivities Event Center is located in El Reno, Oklahoma, and was originally constructed in 1915 as a post office. After being converted for educational purposes, it was privately purchased in 2001 and restored to have its original hardwood floors, 10-foot windows, marble walls and tile floors. Just 25 minutes outside the metro, it is an ultimate historic wedding venue.

Ambassador Hotel Tulsa



The elegant Ambassador Hotel Tulsa was renovated to preserve the 1920’s era Art Deco vibes and exudes old world charm in the heart of downtown Tulsa. It originated as a residence for the well-off oil barons in the late 1920’s and now has been renovated into one of the city’s most historic, yet contemporary venues!

O.U.H.S.C. Faculty House


O.U.H.S.C. Faculty House was built in 1929 to be patterned after Mount Vernon, the ancestral home of George and Martha Washington. After years of being used to house medical students, visiting professors and candidates, the house was transferred to the Oklahoma Health Sciences Facility, Inc. It continues today to be a beautiful and historic part of the state capital and the ideal venue for a downtown wedding or reception!

Photo: Andrea Jordan Photography

The Campbell Hotel

The Campbell Hotel was originally called the Casa Loma Hotel and hotel was built in 1927 and is located at the end of the trolley line on Tulsa’s piece of Route 66. Its architecture was inspired by the 1920’s Spanish colonial revival period, and it was redeveloped in 2009 into the luxurious boutique hotel that it is now.

Gaylord Pickens Musuem – Oklahoma Hall of Fame



Founded in 1927, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame was created to inspire and honor Oklahomans of all ages, instilling state pride by telling the stories of extraordinary people. Located inside the old MidContinent Life Insurance building, now the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, this gorgeous limestone venue with it’s massive Corinthian columns is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Photo 2: Aaron Snow Photography

The Mayo Hotel



When this first class, 19-story hotel opened in 1925, The Mayo Hotel quickly became a social hub of high society. Fast forward to 2001, when after being long-abandoned and destined for the wrecking-ball, it was purchased by the Snyder family and renovated into the luxurious hotel it is today. It continues to be one of Tulsa’s premiere event spaces.

Photo Credits: Kristen Edwards Photography

The Skirvin Hilton



The Skirvin Hilton opened in 1911 as “the newest, finest hotel in the Southwest.” Originally consisting of 10 stories and 225 rooms, the now 500-room hotel was renovated and reopened in 2007, and continues to be one of Oklahoma’s most historic and proudest hotel venues.

Photo 2: Choate House

Dresser Mansion



Dresser Mansion is an Italian Renaissance style mansion, built in 1919 for the Dresser family. The family moved west from Pennsylvania and revolutionized the oil industry with the Dresser Industries’ pipeline coupling. Today, it remains mostly in its original state with heavily textured walls, Tennessee oak floors, colorful European majolica tiles and beamed ceilings. It is a truly historic choice for a Tulsa wedding.

Photos: Blue Elephant Photography

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