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Who Do I Buy Gifts For? | The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are so many people who help you along the way and ensure your wedding day is a day to remember! There are so many traditions when it comes to gift-giving and figuring out who to give a gift to can get a little tricky! Depending on your budget, how many people are in your bridal party and the size of your family all play into account when it comes to determining who to give your appreciation to. Read our ultimate wedding gift guide below to help you in this process, but remember, your big day is about you! Don’t get caught up in the stresses of gifting!


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Who gets a gift?

With so many people involved in your big day, it can get confusing on who should get a gift. Giving gifts is a thoughtful and sweet way to show your gratitude and thank them for being a shoulder to cry on, a personal hype team, a giver of great advice and more. Since buying gifts can be a big expense, we have created a list of who you should include on your shopping list and how to budget appropriately for them! Plus we have curated wedding gift guides through our Amazon shop to help ease the stress of finding the right gifts for the right people!

  • wedding party
  • shower hosts
  • wedding helpers
  • children in the wedding party
  • parents & important family members
  • spouse
  • helpful wedding vendors (optional)


When to give out gifts?

Now that you have selected the people you want to give gifts to, it’s important to also know the appropriate time to deliver the presents. Although there is no strict guideline of rules as to when a gift needs to be given, we have taken into account common wedding traditions and timelines to give you our best suggestions.


Gifts for Each Other

Typically, a bride or groom will give their gift to their spouse on the day of the wedding to create an intimate moment. Bonus points if you have it captured on camera whether you are together or apart!


Parents & Family

When it comes to parents, it is truly a special moment when you give their gifts a few days before the wedding, such as the rehearsal dinner, followed by a toast of praise and gratification.


Wedding Party

When it comes to your wedding party, it depends solely on the gift you have selected. If you have chosen a gift for your bridesmaids or groomsmen to wear on your big day, it’s wise to give their gift during the wedding day brunch, but if you feel too overwhelmed, the rehearsal dinner is a great choice too! Also, giving their gift while they are getting ready removes the risk of your bridal party forgetting it before they have to head out to help with the wedding festivities!


The Littles

For youngsters like your flower girl or ring bearer, determining when to give them their gift depends on the child’s age. For young children, it may be fun to give them an interactive gift such as a toy or craft before the rehearsal dinner so they can be entertained during the long speeches and the wedding reception. If they are a bit older, their gift can be given right before the wedding so they feel a part of the wedding fun!


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