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Vintage Details Made this Corona Wedding Even Sweeter

This intimate Corona wedding is sweet, but the addition of heirloom vintage details makes it even sweeter! Mackenzie and Cliff had to make several changes when replanning their wedding due to COVID-19, but one thing they knew they wanted to remain the same was their venue. So, they cut their guest list down to immediate family only and moved the ceremony outside. This did nothing to deter them from having the time of their lives, though! Mackenzie said, “Although there was uncertainty in our situation, Cliff and I knew we wanted to start our forever together as soon as possible. We didn’t need the fine-tuned details. We had everything we needed. There was something so humbling about the way it worked out.” An optimistic outlook is a must-have for anyone planning anything during these uncertain times, and we are so glad to see Mackenzie had one too. She hopes soon-to-be brides learn to embrace, rather than dread, unexpected circumstances.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that the unexpected can lead to an even more magical day!”

While the unexpected can be good sometimes, we can’t tell what wasn’t planned from looking at this stunning gallery captured by Andi Bravo Photography – we can’t spy a single detail out of place. From its lovely mansion setting to elegant signage by Amy Lee Illustration, this big day is so full of love (and good taste). Our favorite part is Mackenzie’s choice to wear her grandmother’s dress from 1950, saving her white gown for a larger ceremony in the fall. We adore everything about this Corona wedding and all its sweet vintage details that tie sentiment and statement together seamlessly! Read on to hear the bride’s full story about her wedding day. Cheers to Mackenzie and Cliff!

Photos // Andi Bravo Photography

From the bride: “The wedding day was very different than what we had originally planned – it was so simple but yet so special. I was very calm, much more so than I ever thought I’d be on the day of my wedding. A few of my bridesmaids surprised me with a morning mimosa, and I spent the hours before the ceremony with my mom getting ready. I wore my grandmother’s wedding dress that she wore when she married my grandfather 70 years ago. She was a special person in my life, and by wearing her dress, it felt like everything was the way it was supposed to be. The Harwelden Mansion was our original venue, and we wanted to be at that location when we said our first vows. Cliff, along with his parents and my mom arrived a few minutes prior. My stepdad waited with me around the corner until it was time to start. As soon as my feet started walking, I looked up at Cliff and tears started racing down my face. As I walked toward him and he smiled so big, everything else in the world stopped. I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I felt in that moment as Cliff and I made a lifelong promise to each other. There was so much going on in the world, and yet I was still able to marry the love of my life in the presence of both our parents with my siblings watching from afar. I don’t know how a day during a global pandemic could get any better. Following the ceremony, our closest friends surprised us with a drive-by parade. Although we couldn’t celebrate with them as we intended, it was another perfect addition to our more than perfect day. We had an intimate dinner in my parent’s backyard afterward. Cliff and I read our letters to each other aloud and soaked in the promise we had just made, with the four people who have supported us the most through this journey. Looking back to when we first started planning our wedding, I wanted the experience of saying ‘I do’ in the presence of our family and friends with a big celebration, but also the stillness of an intimate ceremony. Now we’ll have the best of both worlds and an incredible story to tell our grandchildren. We can’t wait to celebrate our love again this fall with all we intended to share it with!”

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