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How to Plan and Host the Best Virtual Wedding Shower

Wedding showers don’t have to be thrown in person – and in fact, can be just as fun online! While this might not be the most conventional, we think virtual wedding showers can still be special and make the to-be-weds feel just as celebrated and loved. Look on the plus side: friends and family in different states or friends who can’t leave the house? Going virtual solves all these problems and allows everyone to be there no matter what! While in-person activities have been postponed to later dates, these online planning tips for having the best virtual wedding shower now will be just as great in the meantime! Happy (virtual) planning!

virtual wedding shower

Photo // Susan Alyse Photography

Tip 1: Send out invitations

Sending out invitations can be done either virtually or physically! Keeping the tradition of sending physical invitations is a great way to help the couple have a sense of “normalcy” in a time where their plans have been turned upside-down. Either way you choose, finding a local invitation designer to make the prettiest invitations is a great way to share all the information about the shower! Some things to consider including on the invitations: date and time, the platform on which the shower will happen and a link to join in the meeting, an explanation of how the shower will commence, a way to RSVP and any details about gifts, gift registries or attire!

Tip 2: Have a party theme

Who doesn’t love attending a party with a cute and fun theme? It is so easy to still make this happen for the couple! Having everyone wear the same color (preferably the couple’s wedding colors or favorite color in general) will bring a cohesive element to everything. Other ideas could be having a “Taco Tuesday” theme, a cocktail hour or sending out a virtual background for everyone to have when they call into the shower!

Tip 3: Decorate the shower space – and encourage all guests to, too!

When planning and sending out invitations, consider sending all guests some small pieces of decor for them to decorate the space they will be virtually calling in from! Another option is surprising the couple by full-on decorating their virtual space like you would have for their shower if it were happening normally. This is a great way to still make the couple feel special and celebrated in a small and easy way!

Tip 4: Deliver the same food and drinks to everyone

Keep the theme alive and well for the couple with everyone eating the same food! You can do this for any theme and almost any type of cuisine you want to have. Throwing a brunch shower? Have festive donuts, muffins or other breakfast food delivered to guests for you all to eat together virtually! For a “Taco Tuesday” theme, deliver a DIY taco bar for all guests to do together as an activity and to eat together (two in one – score!). Many of our local caterers and bakeries are offering this option right now – go check them out! Or send them the intended menu to nab their own apps and sweets.

Tip 5: Play shower games

Playing shower games is fun, easy and a great way for all guests to be involved with the couple! Some ideas for games could be couple’s trivia, where guests are asked a question about the couple and hold up an object when they know the answer. Another is the classic newlywed game, where guests ask the couple questions such as, “Who said I love you first,” and the couple raises the shoe of the person the answer is. A “walk down memory lane” game is also a sweet and sentimental game guests can play. Ask everyone to find one thing in their home that reminds them of the couple, then ask guests to share why they picked that item! If a game has a winner, make sure to keep track of who won each to send them a prize!

Tip 6: Open gifts

Finally, the couple can still open gifts they receive from their guests! Include on the invitation where you would like gifts to be sent and the date sent by, in order for them to arrive in time for the shower. The couple can open them on camera for all guests to watch and enjoy! If a guest has not sent in their present, give them the option to open it on the couple’s behalf virtually or send it in at a later date!

Tip 7: Have a social hour for guests to chat

Once all the formal shower festivities are over, let your guests stay on the call and chat! This helps the party feel more like a social event and like what you would do in-person. Guests from close and afar can reminisce and have a personal connection, even from far away! This is also a great way to gradually end the shower, instead of cutting it off as soon as the events are all over!

Optional: Throw a half in-person, half online shower!

This wedding shower idea is for the couple that has close family and friends that live locally! Set up a cute lounge area in the front yard for the couple to sit at while guests drive by and drop off gifts. Make sure there is a designated person on-site to go up to cars to grab the gifts and to sanitize them as they come in (safety first!). Once all expected guests have dropped off their gifts, head inside to start the virtual shower! This is the part for those family and friends that aren’t local but still want to celebrate. Go about planning the virtual shower with the tips mentioned above, and the couple is sure to have the best day EVER!

The COVID-19 pandemic truly sticks, but we can still celebrate! Check out our other resources for #coronabrides here.

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