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Vows that Wow — Austin & Tyle


Week after week, our team receives and showcases stunning weddings from across Oklahoma, all courtesy of the immensely talented wedding vendors and lovely couples who submit to us. Each month, our editorial team selects one spectacular wedding to highlight, one that stands above the rest for its uniqueness and beauty. 

A disco-inspired garden party with a warm desert color palette makes for a fun, stylish and unique wedding. Read on to discover more of our December Vows that Wow couple, Austin and Tyle’s special day!


How the Couple Met

Tyle and Austin’s love story came about when each of them least expected it. In 2013, the 20-year-old men had big aspirations for themselves. Tyle dreamt of professionally entering the world of theatre while Austin was determined to become the next Anna Wintour. Tyle had no time for romance and Austin wasn’t looking for an Oklahoma boy to tie him down.

Over the summer, however, the two made plans thinking their relationship would be a summer fling at best. Their first date consisted of cheap margaritas and movie snacks while watching Scream.

“Neither of us had any clue how that one night would change our lives forever,” writes Austin. 

Through big moves, bad days, mundane moments and everything in between, Austin and Tyle realized how much they needed each other. The two said yes to forever on September 22, 2023. 


The Wedding Day

Austin and Tyle’s wedding weekend began at the Fordson Hotel, where the couple and their guests stayed in style, enjoying all downtown Oklahoma City has to offer. The festivities continued on the couple’s wedding day, held at The Baumberhof. The room’s tall ceilings and glass cupola gave the ceremony an open and fresh feel with plenty of natural light. 

At their reception, Austin and Tyle created a space unique to them thanks to decor and rentals from Borrowed Charm, Eventures and Marianne’s Rentals. Complete with disco balls, colorful banners, a unique dance floor and more, this wedding had “Austin and Tyle” written all over it.

“We wasted no time hitting the dance floor — our song is an upbeat one, so instead of the traditional first dance we invited our guests to join us for a group dance to get the night started,” Austin wrote. “We wanted our day to feel like a celebration of not only our love, but all of the people who have loved us along the way.”

None of it would have been possible without help from their wedding planner. “We’re so thankful that the Baumberhof required a planner because we were bold enough to think that we could pull off a wedding on our own when we first started everything,” writes Austin. “We found not only a boss, but an amazing friend in Savannah Shades from Savy Social Co. We can’t sing her praises enough!”

With photos from Kelsey Justice and Lauren Rader Photography as a secondary photographer, Tyle and Austin have beautiful pictures that they will cherish for a lifetime.


Austin & Tyle’s Favorite Detail

“We have so many little ‘favorites’ from the day, but our private dance at the end of the night is one that really stands out. It wasn’t something that was high on our priority list — we wanted to be with our guests! — so neither of us were prepared for the impact it ended up having. The last moments before our day was gone were spent with just us alone in the space that we had been obsessing over for more than a year, taking in all of the love in the air one more time.”


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