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Customize Your Wedding Entertainment with Ron Curtis

The smooth melodies of Oklahoma singer/songwriter Ron Curtis are a must-hear for couples seeking custom wedding entertainment. Ron began performing live all across the midwest in 2014 and plays a wide variety of genres including original songs, as well as, the songs of Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Brett Eldridge and many more. He can create custom song arrangements to meet the needs for your bridal entrance or first dance and can accommodate almost any special request. We especially love how Ron can commission a new song unique to each couple and their love story. What a fantastic idea for a wedding gift or even a proposal! We sat down with Ron to find out more about commissioning a song and custom wedding entertainment. Read on:

Q. Tell us about the process of commissioning a song?

A. So, as you could imagine, writing a song can be pretty complex. There are many different aspects that require meticulous detail.

The first thing I want to know is the mood/feel that they’re trying to achieve. Do they want the song to be slow and romantic? Upbeat and fun? These are the beginning elements of a song that really help to shape the foundation of the writing process.

Q. How can you customize wedding music to specifically fit the couple’s vision for their ceremony and/or reception?

A. Almost all of the commissions I’ve received are for the ceremony processional. With this in mind, the peak of the song is almost always going to be written with the intention that the bride will enter at that moment. So, it’s actually very important for me to know when the song will be played during the wedding day.

As far as lyrical content, I pretty much just let the clients give me a long overview of their relationship together. After a short conversation, I’ll typically end up with enough content to write a full-length novel. Haha.

Q. Can a bride and groom have a recording of their commissioned song or even their wedding music?

A. Most of my clients hire me to not only write the song, but to also perform it live at the ceremony. In either case, the client will receive a professional studio recording of their song. I typically send the recording one month in advance for them to review and enjoy.

In fact, this is the same process that I do for all of my ceremony clients. Even if they request a song for the processional that I didn’t write, I still create a studio recording for them to review and listen to. It’s very important to me that the music to their wedding is the last thing on their mind to worry about. If there are multiple songs (for the wedding party and then bridal entrance, as an example), I even record the two songs together so they will hear the smooth transition.

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