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How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride’s BFFs

Your BFF just got engaged and the wedding planning has begun… Wondering how to help with all those wedding tasks, without making things more stressful for your friend? We’ve all said “Let me know if there’s anything I can do!” in an attempt to be helpful, but for a bride overwhelmed by the dozens, if not hundreds of wedding tasks on her plate as her special day approaches, actions speak louder than words. There are certain things any bride would be grateful for her friends to just take the reins!

As a general rule, certain tasks always defer to the maid of honor and/or matron of honor: wedding dress shopping, planning a bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party and general organizing of bridesmaid activities and tasks. If you don’t hold one of those titles, that doesn’t mean your help won’t be welcome! Just be cautious not to step on the MOH’s toes – offer your help to her as well, but trust her to handle the typical MOH duties.

If you’re eager to lend a helping hand, try jumping in to assist on some of the tasks below!

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Help Your Engaged Friend by Assisting with These Wedding Tasks

We’re breaking it down by timeline – things a bride will need help with months before, the week-of and the day-of the wedding. Ready to pitch in? Let’s get down to business!

Months Before

Bridal shower planning | Check out these blogs for the cutest bridal shower ideas! Offer to jot down a list of who gave which presents to help make the thank you note process easier and stay to help clean up. These simple gestures can go a long way!

Bachelorette party planning | Whether you choose to host a bach bash in-person or virtually, pitch in with the MOH and make sure ALL the plans are taken care of so the bride’s ONLY job is to show up and enjoy herself!

Come up with hashtag ideas | Every couple needs a hashtag to aggregate social media posts in one easy-to-find place.

Dress shopping | Wait for an invitation from the bride to go wedding dress shopping – this isn’t something you’ll want to invite yourself along for, as some brides want only family or MOHs to attend. But you can still help the bride find dresses for other events, too! Send her options or offer to go shopping with her to find dresses for all the showers and parties along the way.

Collecting decor | Is your bride BFF a DIY queen? Maybe she’s on the hunt for mercury glass, brass candlesticks or other decor items to use at the reception. Offer to help track these items down and hang onto them until the big day!

Honeymoon ideas | Are you a travel aficionado? Perhaps you went on a romantic getaway recently you know she and her fiancé would absolutely love. Send her a few ideas for resorts with rave reviews, or better yet, send the ideas to her fiancé to help plant a seed, as it’s common for the fiancé to plan this getaway.

Week-Of Tasks

Airport pickup | Does the bride have family coming in from out of town? Offer to transport those folks to and from the airport. It’s a super helpful and kind gesture and a great way to get to know your friend’s loved ones!

Playlist prep | Let the bride know you’ll take care of DJ-ing at the getting ready suite. Make a playlist with all of her favorite jams, bring a portable speaker and make the morning-of extra memorable!

Make a cute slideshow | Are you the tech-savvy friend? Ask the couple’s friends and family to send in any cute (not embarrassing) photos they have of the happy couple and make a slideshow to display at a shower, bridal luncheon or wedding reception.

Plan the pampering | Offer to handle the pre-wedding nail appointment for all the bridesmaids (and make sure the bride isn’t paying for her own). One more thing she can check off her list!

Take care of her fur babies | If you can take on the commitment, offer to pet sit the couples’ pets during the wedding and/or during the honeymoon. They’ll rest easy knowing their pets are in good hands!

Day-Of Tasks

Brunch or lunch | Offer to pick up food for everyone to enjoy in the bridal suite. Don’t forget to grab enough for her family members, too, and definitely don’t forget the champagne!

Record the memories | It can be hard for the photographer to capture every single guest. Offer to snap Polaroids or even use a disposable camera to get fun photos of as many guests as possible (without getting in the photographer’s way, of course) – the bride will surely be glad she has those additional memories!

The little things | Ask the bride a few weeks before the big day if she needs someone to man the guest book or cut/pass out the cake.

End-of-the-night tasks | Especially if the couple opts not to have a day-of coordinator or planner, there are always tasks at the end of the night that must be completed without worries from the couple – things like gathering cards and gifts to take home, bringing the top layer of cake home if they want to save it, handing out tips to vendors and more. Chip in where you can!

No matter what, your engaged BFF simply needs your moral support every step of the way. Give her helpful ideas from time to time, but don’t overwhelm her. Send encouraging texts to let her know you’re thinking of her, book her a massage, bring her coffee or take her out to a dinner where you DON’T discuss any wedding tasks. Whether you’re near or far, your support will mean the world!

Remember, if your BFF is in need of vendor recommendations or inspiration for a one-of-a-kind bash, Brides of Oklahoma has all the inspo you could ever need. Cheers to wonderful friends!