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Social Distancing Style Weddings Can Take Place in Oklahoma as of May 15 (if all goes well)

Social Distancing Style Weddings Can Take Place in Oklahoma as of May 1

Photo // Tammy Odell Photography

Couples planning and the Oklahoma wedding industry alike have all been anxious to learn more about what the future holds for weddings. Today, Governor Stitt unveiled his plan for the state of Oklahoma to safely reopen businesses and to allow weddings to once again take place. We’re excited to share the details.

Beginning May 1, many types of businesses have been given the green light to begin to open back up if they carefully follow safety and health protection guidelines set by state and local authorities and the CDC.  If hospital and incident rates within our state and localities remain at a manageable level over the 14-day period following May 1, the Governor has specifically set forth that weddings can resume so long as social distancing protocols are followed as of May 15. For places of worship, social distancing has been described as leaving every other row or pew open and adhering to CDC recommended social distancing and sanitation protocols. We can assume the same protocols would apply for weddings.

According to Governor Stitt’s Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) Plan, the goal is to open unrestricted business as usual in our state by June 1, 2020.  This presumes we work in phases on the reopening, continue to follow social distancing measures and other guidelines set forth by our government and the CDC and are able to ensure that hospital and incident rates remain manageable. As we navigate the weeks ahead, further details will be provided and we’ll be sure to keep you updated here as well!


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