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Wednesday Pinsday – Aug 29

The French Tulip boutonniere Cole Dewey Boutonniere Kristen Edwards Photography Aaron Snow Photography Tammy Odell Photography

Dressing up your guy is (almost!) as important as dressing up you! The perfect boutonnière can add style and flavor to any guy’s ensemble. Make it extra special by adding something unique such as wheat, like The French Tulip‘s design, or burlap to your guy’s boutonnière. And wildflowers can be just a bout-iful as roses. Keeping the season in mind is helpful, like the winter white boutonniere by Cole Dewey Designs. Spot more unique boutonnieres, suits, and ties on our For the Boys Pinterest page. Happy Pinning!

Photography (top left to bottom right): Traina Photography, Traina Photography, Kristen Edwards Photography, Aaron Snow Photography, Tammy Odell Photography.