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photos | Ricki Thompson


Colorado Elopement 

We are going to do an elopement style ceremony in Crested Butte, Colorado, and come back to Oklahoma City to do a reception with extended family and friends. We went on a weekend trip to Crested Butte to find the spot where we wanted to get married. That Saturday, we started hiking around Gothic, Colorado, to find the perfect spot. At each spot we found, I would take a picture to send to your photographer so she could give us her opinion on what location would be best. We found a few spots we liked right away but wanted to keep looking. After about 45 minutes of hiking around, we found the spot we both loved and thought would be perfect for the ceremony. So, I turned around to take a picture of the spot (like I did at every other location) and when I turned back around he was on one knee! I was completely shocked, and so was he because we both stared at each other in silence for about 10 seconds before he could get out, “Chelsea will you marry me.” I can’t wait to get married at that same spot later this year.