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We love the non-traditional vibe of Bailey and Cale’s modern Tulsa wedding! This couple catered to their own vision of a wedding and created a sensory experience featuring giant installations with acrylic, metal, florals, lights – it was so beautiful and so them! Cheers to Bailey and Cale

Photos // Chelsea Denise Photography

Cale and Bailey met online, but it wasn’t through a dating website. They actually met on MySpace – a social media platform from the mid 2000’s. Bailey had changed her profile song and it caught Cale’s attention nearly ten years ago. From then on, a friendship turned into a relationship.

Bailey landed a summer internship in Los Angeles, so the couple packed up Bailey’s Jeep and headed West. They stopped off in Albuquerque, New Mexico and decided to walk around Old Town. They strolled through the secluded streets of the plaza which felt like a movie set. When they were completely alone, Cale pulled out a ring box and asked Bailey to be with him forever. For their wedding, the couple wanted to keep things non-traditional by building an evening that expressed their love story. They focused on visual and audio elements like a video projection of space with classical music and the reading of a poem written by one of their friends. It was everything they wanted and more.

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