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6 Reasons to Add Pure Barre Workouts to Your Wedding Fitness Routine

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your overall health before your big day, consider adding Pure Barre classes to your wedding fitness routine! Barre classes have exploded in popularity over the last few years for more reasons than one, and lucky for us there is a convenient and gorgeous location nearby to utilize – Pure Barre – Edmond! Check out the following six reasons you should add Pure Barre workouts to your wedding fitness routine.


Elevate your wedding fitness routine with Pure Barre - Edmond


Relieve Stress

Exercise of any kind pumps up our body’s natural production of endorphins, which are the famous feel-good transmitters of your brain. Think “runner’s high” without the running! Just the act of working out in any way increases your overall sense of well-being, putting more pep in your step every day. Plus, getting the activity in can be a healthy distraction from wedding planning which we never want you to get burnt out on.


Find Community

Get a group of old or new friends to take up this healthy hobby with you or fly solo and make pals at every Pure Barre class! Either way, you will find yourself surrounded by positive people working toward the same goals as you. Finding a sense of community in any fitness setting is key to feeling comfortable, and feeling like you belong makes you want to keep going back!


Improve Your Posture

To look your best in wedding photos, good posture is key! If you are like most people, your posture could use some serious improvement. Barre classes are the perfect workout for improving your posture. Many of the basic ballet movements that you perform during barre workouts require a straight spine to do them right. This focus on making your back straight during barre class will also make you more aware of how you are carrying your spine outside of class. With awareness of slumping, you will automatically adjust to hold yourself upright with good posture.


Low Impact

As well as being good for your joints, the low-impact nature of barre classes means that your odds of being injured are low. The last thing a bride needs before her wedding is an injury! The low-impact factor also makes barre workouts great for pregnant women.


Have a Blast

The most motivating way to get into an exercise groove is by finding an activity that you enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like working out! The fun you have during every session is one of the primary attractions that barre workouts have to offer. The upbeat nature of barre instructors is legendary! When you combine that with the up-tempo music and the fun movements, you will have a smile on your face for much of your workout. Next time you are feeling a little down, a barre class will pick you up while helping you get fit and feel healthy.


Strengthen Your Core

Fitness experts will tell you that the best thing you can do for your body is to strengthen your core. Barre is one of the best possible core workouts. The focus on isometric exercises in barre workouts ensures that you get a total-body workout that forces your core stabilizer muscles to engage constantly. The effects of barre classes are cumulative for your core strength and endurance. When you make barre workouts part of your regimen, you will be able to hold core-centric poses like plank for minutes at a stretch. You deserve to be your happiest, healthiest self!




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