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This Intimate Corona Chapel Wedding had the Sweetest Surprise Ending

This intimate Corona chapel wedding had the sweetest surprise ending – you’ll need the tissues for this one! Nothing was going to stop Amelia and Ryan from having their elegant wedding day; not even Corona and the rainy weather could hold them back. After looking at their options, the couple decided all that mattered in the end was that they were still able to get married – and they wouldn’t change a thing that happened! Their personal and private ceremony, comprised of just them and their parents, was dramatically different than they ever dreamed, but truly the perfect celebration they always wanted. You can never go wrong with a classic color palette of black, white and gold, and we love the subtle additions of blush and greenery that were added throughout. We seriously cannot stop staring at all of the gorgeous photos captured by Emily Nicole Photo below. Their joy is so evident in each, and we can practically feel their love through our screens. Scroll to take a peek at the surprise ending of their ceremony and to hear all about their big day! Cheers to the Leahys!

Photo// Emily Nicole Photo

From the bride: “While our wedding was quickly approaching, so was Covid-19. After looking at all of our options, my fiancé and I decided that it didn’t matter what or who was coming to our wedding, as long as we were still able to get married was most important. We had a small, intimate ceremony of seven people, making it more memorable and personal than I could’ve ever imagined. Even though we only had the first row of pews full, the organist played beautiful music as if the entire church was filled with guests. It was a beautiful moment to walk down the aisle with my dad and only see Ryan waiting for me in an empty church. It was a very personal ceremony with only our parents as guests, and we remember every minute of it. Following the ceremony, we had a planned video conference with close friends and family to share the cutting of the cake. However, before this all happened, our friends had something else in mind – something we didn’t know about. After our ceremony was complete, we began to take photos inside of the church when our photographer mentioned she wanted to take a few photos outside; we thought it was odd since it had been raining heavy all day and during the ceremony, but we agreed to tackle the weather and head outside. Waiting for us outside was one of the best surprises we will never forget – a long line of cars with family and friends honking their horns and screaming our names to celebrate from afar. We were in total shock, and at first, it didn’t register that we knew every single person sitting or standing outside of their cars. Ryan and I instantly looked at each other and began to cry tears of joy. After taking it all in, we walked down the sidewalk and greeted each car while laughing and waving at everyone. People even had some of our out of state family on the phone over a video call so they could be part of the celebration. Each family member and friend had a fun ‘Congratulations’ sign decorated hanging outside of their car – it felt like we were part of a parade. My bridal party wore their PJ’s that we were supposed to get ready in – that small detail meant so much. Members of my bridal party (Cleary and Sally) pulled the whole surprise together, and I cannot thank them enough for making our day so special.

We continued the night with our scheduled video conference call to cut the cake and have a toast, then followed with our first dance in the living room! The best men and maids of honor gave their speeches over the video conference, and we did many ‘cheers’ throughout. We ordered takeout of our favorite restaurants – Chick-fil-A and Mexican to be exact – and celebrated the rest of the night with only our parents. It was such an amazing and special moment to be able to share with our parents.”

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