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One Oklahoma Wedding Photographer’s Desire for Authenticity

Whether you’ve been around here for awhile or maybe just became acquainted with the Brides of Oklahoma, there’s a chance you’ve heard of or seen the incredible work of Brett Heidebrecht Photography – a fun-loving, authentic and passionate Oklahoma wedding photographer. Today you’re in for a treat, as we’re talking all things on how to capture authenticity in wedding photos with Brett! His desire for authenticity and love for his couples translates into everything he does, and “that is what keeps me coming back,” Brett says, “I’m just constantly inspired by my couples and inspired to be open to who they are and telling their story the best I can.”

One Oklahoma Wedding Photographer's Desire for Authenticity - brett heidebrecht

Photo // Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Documenting the Story

One of the biggest cornerstones of Brett’s work is documenting the story of his couples for 100% who they are. “I do not want it to be a wedding day about me,” Brett says, “I am really passionate about being there for my bride and groom. I am there to only document and tell the story.” Taking the time out to connect with each couple before their wedding day, talking through timelines, and getting a good feel for the photos they are wanting helps him get a layout for the wedding day and what the couple is expecting. When the day approaches, Brett takes a step back and lets the couple be themselves, as he says “the couple’s natural personality will always come out. I do not want to shade their personality by encouraging them to act a different way. I want to just observe how they are acting and find the beautiful moments.”

Staying Authentic

Every couple is different and every wedding is different. That is how Brett is always able to stay true and authentic in his work – realizing that each couple brings something new and unique to his photography. “My main goal is to approach each wedding with eyes to see my couple for who they are and being open to where they lead me and capturing the beautiful moments along the way,” Brett says. “Ultimately, I am not shooting from a list or from a template. I want my approach to be a little more organic and to be really personal. I want my couples to feel like they can really be themselves.” A way that Brett brings out authenticity in his couples is being himself and creating an atmosphere for that to happen for his couples, too. “There is always this pressure of needing to look perfect and feel perfect, and some couples want me to guide them into that perfection. But, a wedding day is not really about that – it is about what is true and what is honest about celebrating that evening and celebrating with your friends and family. I just try to create an atmosphere that really brings that out in my couples.”

Being Perfectly Imperfect

An interesting thing about Brett’s work is he loves to use film. No, not video – a film camera! “I love film because of the way it sees light. It sees light differently than a digital camera. The way that it sees skin tones and processes skin tones; it just has a softer, more organic feel to it. I like to say that it is perfectly imperfect.” All of the perfectly imperfect details define Brett’s photography as well, as he says throughout the whole process of developing film, “you have these little perfectly imperfect details that kind of find their way into the process, and I really love that. That kind of celebrates that it doesn’t have to be completely perfect, and I think that really helps to define my photography as well.”

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