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How to Stay Calm the Morning of Your Wedding Day

It’s here! The day you’ve dreamed about and spent hours planning has finally come! You’re feeling a whirlwind of emotions from excitement to nervousness. There’s a long list of to-dos before you walk down that aisle, and those pesky “what-ifs” are making you anxious. How can you slow it all down so that you can enjoy every minute of your special day? Keep calm, and prepare, prepare, prepare!  Each of the tips below will help you feel nothing but peace and happiness on the morning of your wedding day.

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Confirm All the Details a Few Days Prior

Knowing everything will be set and ready to go the day of your wedding will definitely give you some peace of mind. Clarify delivery times for the cake and flowers. Make sure vendors know when to arrive. Talk with your photographer and/or videographer about their plans and when they will need everyone ready. Check with your venue about set up and any additional information. Doing these things prior to the big day will give you the assurance that you and your vendors are all on the same page. It will also prevent confusion and give you time to make any adjustments, if necessary.

Set Out Everything You’ll Need the Day Before

The less running around you do on the morning of your wedding, the better. Grab everything you think you might need to get ready and put it all together in one place. This includes your dress, shoes, accessories, lingerie, garter, and perfume. Include cute, comfy “getting-ready” attire, such as a silky robe, soft PJ’s and slippers. Bring items you might need for hair and makeup touch-ups, like lipstick, powder, mascara, bobby pins, hairspray, and a curling iron. Having a bag of essentials with mints or gum, deodorant, bandaids, safety pins, etc., is always nice to have around as well. If you want to be extra sure you don’t forget anything, start making a checklist a few days before and add things as you think of them. Thinking ahead will be a life-saver!

Go to Bed Early

Yes, you have a lot of jitters the day of, but brides have them the night before too! These jitters can make it harder to fall asleep. Aim to go to bed an hour or two earlier than normal so that you can wake up feeling well-rested, refreshed, and full of energy for your big day!

Enjoy a Slow Morning

The best way to maintain serenity throughout your day is to have a leisurely morning. Wake up with plenty of time to invest in some self-care. Eat a healthy, high-protein breakfast, like a smoothie bowl or some eggs and fruit, while avoiding greasy, fatty foods. You might be too nervous to eat, but even a small snack is better than nothing! Lighting some candles and taking a relaxing bath is another great option. Throw in some bath salts, scatter some flower petals, put on a facemask. play some soothing music and breathe. Meditating is also recommended to calm nerves and establish a mindset of staying present in the moment throughout the day.

Know your Hair and Makeup Timeline

Getting your hair and makeup done, and that of your bridesmaids, is a big part of the day and takes up a good amount of time. To avoid going over the expected time, you must know where you need to be and when you need to be there. Talk with bridesmaids about their hair and makeup preferences several days in advance, and schedule accordingly. Also, make sure to check with your hair and makeup stylists about how to prep beforehand. They may ask you to come with your hair curled, foundation applied, etc. Having this timeline planned out in advance keeps you on track and brushed.

Choose Your Inner Circle Wisely

Who you’re around absolutely affects your mood. Taking this into consideration, invite only those who bring out your best self to be in the room getting ready with you. This could be your mom, grandma, aunt, bridesmaids, etc. Planners, makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers/videographers will be around you as well, so choose professionals that have good energy and that you feel natural around. Check out some of our Houston professionals! Think about putting a note on your door for others to kindly respect your time getting ready, and have a person you trust answer any questions and handle situations.

Create a Calm Environment

While you’re getting ready, you want to feel relaxed and at ease. One way to do this is by filling your room with your favorites scents. Diffuse calming oils, light a special candle, or use a room spray you love. You could also play all your favorite songs, from throwbacks to love songs, or turn on a wedding morning playlist. Singing along allows you to let loose and shake off the jitters. The familiarity of your favorite scents and songs creates a comforting environment you’ll appreciate. Just don’t forget to add the scents and speakers to your checklist!

Schedule in Extra Time

One of the most important things you can do is make a plan with plenty of time. Allow enough time not only to get everything done, but also to relax and enjoy the little moments. This extra time can be used for first looks, reading letters from your fiancé and family members, and hanging out with your girls. Give yourself time for mimosas, dance parties, reminiscing, and giving any bridal party gifts! You’ll be happy you penciled in extra time if appointments run longer than expected as well. Lastly, aim to be ready 30 minutes to an hour before the ceremony begins. Spend those last moments savoring the moment and taking some breaths, instead of rushing.

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