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3 Must-Have Elements when Planning a Picture-Perfect Wedding

Wanting to throw a picture-perfect wedding that is sure to “wow” your guests? With an endless number of amazing vendors in Oklahoma, it doesn’t take much to make that happen! All you need is a dreamy venue, the perfect décor and rentals, and entertainment that is sure to be a hit – and boy do we have that line-up for you! Simply having these three essential show-stopping elements at your big day is something you won’t regret. Take a peek below to find out what we’re talking about!

A Picturesque Venue

See what we mean by a dreamy venue? It only takes one look at Daffodil Hill Weddings & Events venue to fall in love! Seriously – we can’t stop staring. What makes this venue so picture-perfect? First, the WHOLE venue is a garden (and we may be biased, but garden weddings are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s), and nothing says picture-perfect more than nature itself. When their lavender-colored wisteria bloom, we can guarantee you will want unique pictures with them ASAP (bonus: this year they bloomed as white)! The waterfall on property adds a great background to complement all of the trees, flowers and bushes that surround the courtyard. Second, their walkway and courtyard are lined with twinkly lights. This is a sweet and elegant touch that adds to any photos – day or night. Third, their swing on site will give you unique and oh-so-cute engagement or wedding day photos that will let you showcase the fun side of your relationship! Lastly, their little cottage will give you a break from the outdoors and switch-up your photos with something inside. The grand fireplace serves as the focal point, and will look stunning in the background of all photos! Looking for a venue that has these elements will give you the dreamy, picture-perfect location you’re looking for!

Photo // Ely Fair Photography


A Task-Oriented Planner

3 Must-Have Elements when Planning a Picture-Perfect Wedding

Booking your planner before the big day can help tie all the elements of your wedding together to fit your unique style. The Tangerine Club will help keep your aesthetic cohesive and make sure that all the small details are accounted for! Feel that? That’s the weight being lifted right off your shoulders! When you hire The Tangerine Club, you will receive a customized planning process focused on individuality and timelessness! That sounds pretty perfect to us! These planner pros will also help you and your significant other define a proper budget as well as prioritizing what aspects of your wedding are most important to you! Those dreamy ideas you can’t live without? Let’s bump those to the top! If you want professionals who will help you fight for your wedding vision, juggle all those daunting tasks and execute beyond your wildest dreams – The Tangerine Club is calling your name!

Photo // Josh McCullock Photography


Memorable Entertainment

Photo booths are always a must-have entertainment at weddings! Studio On Site photo booth gives you the most picture-perfect photos to complete your already picture-perfect day, and they are oh-so-stylish while doing so! Have a custom backdrop, custom photo props, and even a memory book on site for your guests to put their photos and write sweet messages (a one-of-a-kind guest book idea). These are favors your guests will cherish for a lifetime, and they’ll always have them to remember the picture-perfect day they got them from!

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