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Style School | Picking the Perfect Color Palette

Your color palette plays such a huge role in your wedding, and with SO many options out there, how will you ever narrow it down to the perfect one? As more than just the lovely shades that adorn every aspect of your wedding scene, your color palette is the most important aspect when it comes to setting the vibe and design for your day. Whether you’re going for a light and bright day or a moody and edgy feel all depends on the careful selection of colors that infuse the scene, from the bouquet to the decor and everything in between. For this lesson in style school, we’re learning all about picking out the color palette for your big day with the help of the experts at Blue Chalk Events! Scroll to learn all about the tips and tricks a wedding planner uses to help in narrowing down to that perfect palette for couples in the wedding planning process. Cheers!

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Why is it important to have a set color palette?

Defining your wedding color palette will help guide your overall esthetic and ensure that your wedding vendors are on the same page. Choosing a set color palette that compliments and coordinates is key to ensure that you do not have colors that clash or may not pair well together. Your color palette serves as a “home base” for your wedding design, a point of reference for every one involved in your big day!


Where do you start in helping your couples define a color palette for their wedding?

When we talk to our couples about their wedding day, one of the first questions we ask them is to describe their overall wedding day to us. This is an important question when narrowing down a desired color palette.

Your wedding is a reflection of your style, what better way to narrow down a color palette than taking a look at your own style for inspiration? What colors do you feel the most confident in? What accent colors are you drawn to? What colors give you the overall vibe you are looking to create?

We talk to our couples about the places they frequent and the desired location of their wedding. We then have them consider the time of year they are getting married and really dig deep into what they want to feel on their big day. This can be a very important factor to help couples decide on their color palette, and ensure it is a reflection of their overall style and vibe.


Picking the Perfect Color Palette

What tips do you have for couples who are on the fence on determining a color palette?

The first tip when determining your color palette is to consider your venue or ideal venue/location. The lighting, the decor and the overall space can really help steer you in a direction that will be pleasing in the space. 

Another important tip to consider when choosing your color palette is your chosen photographer or your ideal photographer’s style. Take a look at their work. By doing this, it will allow you to see how the colors look in real photos and you can use that to guide when determining your desired color palette. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid of color, no matter the season! Whether it be a subtle pop of color for a statement piece or a classic and timeless style, you can really set the mood by bringing in accents or textures of your desired color. Have fun with it – remember, this is your day!


Picking the Perfect Color Palette

How do you bring a design to life starting with the color palette?

Once you have narrowed down your color palette, the design begins and you will start to see your wedding day come to life! By incorporating inspiration from your color palette, we begin creating your style boards for each category of your wedding day needs. From wedding day stationery, to florals, to choosing table linens and everything in between, your color palette drives each of these categories, serving as your “home base” for a cohesive wedding day design.  Once your wedding day style boards are created, it is time to secure your vendors. Our couples have access to our preferred vendors list and with our guidance, we begin securing the vendor team who will bring each element of your wedding day into reality. 


A special thank you to Brandy Wheatley and Mikayla Meyer from Blue Chalk Events for sharing their insight on picking the perfect color palette! Visit Blue Chalk Events’ Brides of Oklahoma vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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