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Anna Imose Weds John Wolfe | Traditional Nigerian and Classic American Wedding Captured by Sarah Libby Photography

In a lively two day celebration, Anna and John honored their love with a traditional Nigerian and classic American wedding. Friday was the Nigerian ceremony which culminates in the bride introducing the groom to her family, and the bride and her parents agreeing to join with the groom’s family, creating a new household. Saturday featured American traditions including heartfelt speeches and a super fun bridal party entrance. Two distinct festivities gave this couple a weekend full of memories they will cherish forever – scroll to see the snaps captured by Sarah Libby Photography!

Photos // Sarah Libby Photography

Anna and John were introduced at various events through mutual friends but didn’t really talk until the night of their criminal law final. They were both finishing up their first year of law school at OU Law. They went their separate ways for the summer and reconnected their second year of law school. One of Anna’s good friends ended up being John’s roommate and after spending a few weeks hanging out at their house John asked Anna out.

John planned a fake tour of the White House to cover his real plan – to propose. Anna originally didn’t want to go and wanted to stay in New York to spend time with her sister and cousin. Even though it rained on the way to the White House, John insisted that they couldn’t cancel the tour. When they reached the Jefferson memorial, John started talking about their relationship and eventually got on one knee. A photographer was waiting to capture the happy moment.

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