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Wedding Invitation Timeline Questions Answered by Paper + More

After invitation etiquette, the next need-to-know on the wedding invite agenda is what the timeline schedule looks like. We looked to Britton Green from Paper + More to answer the all the questions our brides-to-be have about their wedding invitation timeline.

1.  How far in advance of my wedding should I meet with the invitation designer?

A meeting with an invitation designer should be about four to six months in advance to allow enough time for designing, proofing, printing and production. For quicker turnaround time, it is best for our in-store designers to do a custom invitation suite.

2.  How far in advance of the wedding should I send out my save the dates?

Save the dates should be mailed six to eight months in advance to allow for guests to make plans and travel arrangements as needed.

3.  When should I send out my wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations should be mailed six weeks prior to the wedding.

4.  When should I make the deadline for RSVPs?

We recommend checking with the venue to see when they need a final count. We typically suggest having your reply-by date a month before the wedding to allow for late RSVPs and to have time to settle on a final number.

5.  Should I follow up with those who don’t RSVP in time? If so, how?

Yes, it is appropriate to follow up with those who don’t RSVP in time. Calling the guest to confirm is best.

6.  If hiring a calligrapher for my invitation addressing, how long should I give them to have my invitations ready?

For in-store printing of mailing addresses, we ask for an additional week to allow for production. A calligrapher may have a different timeline, so it would be important to ask them.

7.  When should I send out Thank You notes?

Thank you notes should be mailed out within one month after the wedding. Etiquette calls for personalized stationery to be used for thank you notes. The married initial should be used only after the wedding. Stationery with the bride’s name or maiden name monogram should be used for gifts before the wedding.

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