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Oklahoma Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakers

Today we are spotlighting our amazingly talented Oklahoma wedding cake bakers! This talented group of cake artists continues to blow us away with their creativity and craftsmanship creating the most delicious wedding cakes for Oklahoma brides and grooms to enjoy! Take a look at some of their amazing creations, and fair warning, your sweet tooth will be activated!


Oklahoma Wedding Cake Bakers

Photo: Courtesy of Mishelle Handy Cakes 

Mishelle Handy Cakes

For nearly two decades, Mishelle Handy has been wowing brides with her beautiful cakes and her amazing attention to detail. She has a passion for creating a unique design for each bride that complements their own personal style!


Photo: Courtesy of Amy Cakes

Amy Cakes

Expert cake designer Amy Cullifer turned her love of baking and decorating into a successful business when she launched Amy Cakes in 2005. Amy’s cutting-edge cake designs always leave our mouths watering. Her unique techniques and fabulous flavors never cease to amaze us!


Photo: Courtesy of Allie’s Baking Boutique 

Allie’s Baking Boutique

Step into the sugary wonderland of Allie’s Baking Boutique, where flour meets magic and cupcakes are the currency of happiness! From whimsical cookies that defy gravity to cakes that taste like a hug from grandma, Allie’s creations are the stuff of sweet dreams. Prepare your taste buds for a joyous rollercoaster at Allie’s Baking Boutique – where every bite is a sprinkle of delight!


Sweet Devotion Cakery

Photo: Choyce Janeill Photography

Sweet Devotion Cakery

Indulge your sweet tooth and surrender to the sugary seduction at Sweet Devotion Cakery, where passion and frosting collide in a delightful dance! From towering masterpieces that defy gravity to cupcakes so cute they should come with a warning, every treat here is a testament to the artistry of sweetness. Let your taste buds experience love at first bite – because Sweet Devotion Cakery turns flour, sugar, and devotion into edible masterpieces!


Dragonfly Desserts

Photo: Courtesy of Dragonfly Desserts

Dragonfly Desserts

Embark on a flavor adventure at Dragonfly Desserts, where every bite takes you on a whimsical journey through the enchanted land of sweetness! From fluttery macarons that dance on your taste buds to cakes that breathe fire into your dessert dreams, their treats are more magical than a dragonfly on a sugar high. Get ready to let your taste buds take flight – at Dragonfly Desserts, the sky’s the limit for sugary delights!

Photo: Courtesy of Que Bella Bakery 

Que Bella Bakery 

Dive into the gluten-free delight at Que Bella Bakery, where every crumb is a celebration of flavor without the gluten drama! From cakes that make you wonder if gluten ever existed to cookies that are so good, you’ll forget they’re gluten-free, they’ve mastered the art of making indulgence deliciously inclusive. Join us at Que Bella Bakery – where gluten-free never tasted so fabulous!

Something Sweet OKC

Photo: Sophea K. Smith Photography 

Something Sweet OKC

Get ready to satisfy your sweet cravings at Something Sweet OKC, where sugar is the superhero and every treat is a taste bud adventure! From cookies that are chewier than a puppy’s welcome home party to cakes that are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious, they’re here to sweeten your day. Swing by Something Sweet OKC because life is too short to skip dessert, and they’ve got the sugary magic your taste buds deserve!



Water to Wheat Cakery

Photo: Courtesy of Water to Wheat Cakery 

Water to Wheat Cakery

Dive into a world where flour meets flow at Water to Wheat Cakery, where their creations are as fresh as a morning breeze and as delightful as a wheat field in the sun! From cakes that rise like a bread lover’s dream to cupcakes that are the cherry on top of your day, they turn water and wheat into edible wonders. Join the floury fun at Water to Wheat Cakery – because life is too short to resist the temptation of a perfectly baked treat!


Oklahoma Sweets & Treats Bakers

Ellie Kate Cookies

Photo: Courtesy of Ellie Kate Cookies

Ellie Kate Cookies

Step into the sweet symphony of flavors at Ellie Kate Cookies, where each cookie is a bite-sized masterpiece crafted with love and sprinkled with joy! From classic chocolate chip wonders that melt in your mouth to whimsical sugar cookies that are almost too pretty to eat, our treats are a delicious dance for your taste buds. Explore the cookie wonderland at Ellie Kate Cookies and treat yourself to a sweet escape that’s as delightful as a sprinkle shower on a sunny day!

Photo: Courtesy of Cake Palate Designs LLC

Cake Palate Designs

If you’re looking for beautiful cakes that taste as good as they look, we’ve got you covered! Cake Palate Designs takes great pride in crafting elaborate cakes with a contemporary flare. With a focus on sophisticated flavors and a personal touch, they aspire to create confectionary masterpieces that leave a lasting impression on your guests. Indulge in their exquisite creations, blending visual appeal with culinary excellence to elevate your special occasions!

Ready to book other vendors for your Oklahoma wedding? Wed Society Oklahoma has dozens of vendor recommendations across every possible category to ensure you find the team who can make YOUR unique visions a reality. Cheers to a wonderful wedding season!

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