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7 Wedding Registry Tips + our Favorite Local Stores

Today, we’re diving into arguably one of the most exciting aspects of getting engaged: registering! Before running off to Target with your scanner gun, you’ll want to check out these wedding registry tips to make sure you’re being as strategic as possible with your wedding registry list, along with our list of favorite local Oklahoma registry hotspots!

7 Wedding Registry Tips + our Favorite Local Stores

Photo: Plenty Mercantile, Choate House

ONE // Consider who you are as a couple

Do you love putting on wine night around your gorgeously chic kitchen island? Or are you the couple hosting Super Bowl Sunday and grilling out back? This may seem obvious, but really think about the appliances and décor that match your personality as a couple. What’s the point of registering for fancy-schmancy dinner china if you and your partner would get more use out of fab wine glasses or the ultimate chip/dip platter?

TWO // Be conscious of where you’ll be living

If you and your love are kicking it in a one bedroom apartment, registering for oodles of appliances/décor/furniture/etc… that you already don’t have room for might not be the way to go. However, if you’re getting ready to move in together, you may want to be strategic with your registry, including large pieces of furniture that your guests can go in on together!

THREE // Take turns with the scanner

Want to save your marriage before it even begins? Take. Turns. With. The. Scanner. This is by far the best way to ensure that you and your partner have equal say in what goes on the registry, and ultimately what your home will look like.

FOUR // Understand wedding registry etiquette

Yes, wedding registry etiquette is a thing! Unfortunately, there is more to registering than running around with a scanner gun. You’ll want to make sure you select more than just one retailer to start off (see our list of local faves below). Give your guests a variety of products to choose from, and update your list regularly. There’s nothing like checking out a couple’s registry only to find that all items have been purchased!

FIVE // Be conscious of your guests’ budgets 

You’ll also want to make sure that you include a wide price range when it comes to your gift selections. It’s important to think about those lower ticket items so all of your guests can pick something they can truly afford! We aren’t telling you to shy away from big-ticket items like furniture or appliances, however, it’s likely that your guests have already gotten you a bridal shower gift, and maybe even something for your bachelorette party. Just be conscious of including a wide variety of prices within your registry!

SIX // Don’t wait too long

You’ll want to register as soon as possible after your engagement! You can always add to your list as time goes on, but you may be surprised at the number of people who are dying to gift you right away as a token of congratulations.

SEVEN // Don’t forget your thank yous

Last but not least, don’t forget to thank your guests for their gracious gifts! It’s a great idea to go ahead and add thank you notes onto your registry list while in store or grab a pack while you’re in store completing your registry. Many of our local registry hotspots sell custom notes as well, making the perfect finishing touch to your wedding paperie.

Now that you’re prepared for the task at hand, head to one of our favorite local Oklahoma stores to kick start your wedding registry: BC Clark Jewelers, Bebe’s, Culinary Kitchen, No Regrets, Paper + More, Plenty Mercantile, Tulips.

Other Local Vendors: Culinary Kitchen, Tulips