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Choosing a wedding videographer is no small task. Your wedding footage is an investment in the opportunity to look back and reflect on the happiest day of your life! With that being said, you’ll want to conduct some research on the exact qualities of the company you’re looking for to create the most beautiful representation of your big day. We’ve rounded up a list of ten things you should consider before booking a wedding videographer to make your search just that much easier! Scroll on for our tips, along with gorgeous footage from some of our very favorite local Oklahoma videographers!

1. Check Out Their Portfolio

Pulley Productions

Checking out a wedding videographer’s portfolio is an absolute must. Sure, they can all talk the talk, but a quick look at their work will tell you if they can truly walk the walk. Most vendors will have clips of their films posted to their company website, but YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram are also great places to look into as well. A mother-daughter team with valuable years of experience, Pulley Productions believes your big day is more than just a wedding. It’s you. Their team takes pride in the ability to serve you on the most important day of your life!


2. Know What Coverage You Want


The amount of coverage you’re looking for on your wedding day will determine the type of package you select. If you’re dying for that epic confetti-toss exit at the end of the night, your videographer will need to stick around for a while. You might also consider whether or not you want to capture the moments leading up to the big walk as you and your partner-to-be are getting ready. Sarah and Rick Pendergraft of PenWeddings have found a passion for working together to create beautiful, emotion-provoking videos. Their team specializes in timeless, romantic reels that you’ll want to watch again and again. Just make sure to have the tissues nearby!


3. Think About the Entire Wedding Weekend

Ricki Thompson Media

Including your rehearsal dinner may be more important than you may think. Most times, a rehearsal dinner will include a few heart-felt toasts that you won’t want to skip out on when it comes to your wedding video. Ricki Thompson Media specializes in creating intimate, personal wedding videos. She finds enormous value in watching her clients smile as they view her work. If you’re interested in a fabulous experience with a more personalized touch, as opposed to working with a large company, Ricki Thompson Media might be the perfect fit for you!


4. Understand Package Details

Unveiled Media

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to establish your budget in the video department from the get-go! Wedding videographers will likely offer multiple packages for you to chose from, and you need to understand how much requests, like staying overtime, will cost you. Also, if you’re only wanting to capture the ceremony, you might not necessarily need the initially proposed film package that will cost you your first born child. Jacob and Hannah Shipley of Unveiled Media have a passion for storytelling. They believe their couples have the greatest story to tell, and through cinematography, they’re able to tell a couple’s unique love story in a way that can be passed down for generations.


5. Find Out How They Capture Sound

Glorious Day Films

Let’s be real. We’ve all been subjected to attending a wedding where an obnoxious videographer is shoving a boom-mic in the faces of the bride and groom. You’ll want to make sure that your videographer’s style of capturing sound is subtle, yet effective. Glorious Day Films believes that you have personality, and your wedding film should too. Their work combines documentary and cinematic styles. It’s their passion to create emotionally engaging wedding films that capture the moments you missed, and the ones you never want to forget.


6.  Determine Style

Transform Visuals

No wedding video is the same, and going in with a knowledge of the type of style you want is probably the most important aspect of choosing your videographer. Sure, there is a very special talent that comes along with capturing your precious moments, but the way the footage is combined and your story is told carries the most weight. Styles range from documentary, to storytelling, to short form and many more. Jimmy Tran of Transform Visuals believes that every love story is unique so your wedding video should be too.


7. How Much Input Will You Have?

Chelsea Littleton Photography

Some videographers expect clients with no knowledge in the industry to want to take a hands-off approach, which may or may not be true for you or your videographer of choice! Chelsea Littleton Photography is here to hear you out about your wedding video wishes! Communicate clearly upfront what your requirements are if any, and determine how much input you will have and what things your videographer will have final say on. The more transparent expectations are upfront, the happier everyone will be at the end of it all.


8. Ask About Their Familiarity with the Area


Check to see if your videographer has ever worked at the particular venue or event center that you will be married at. If there are architectural structures that might pose a challenge on the day of, if good lighting is nonexistent in certain areas or particular times, or if you will be transitioning between outdoor and indoor wedding scenes then it is smart for your videographer to determine those things beforehand so they can make the appropriate arrangements with their equipment if needed. MARAND MEDIA navigates any new venue or setting like a pro!


9. Check Their Priorities

Sonder Films

Is yours the only wedding your videographer will be shooting that weekend? That day? They may have their tight schedule managed down to a T, but keeping open communications about what time they will arrive and leave is key in making sure no one is left hanging. Sonder Films is always at the top of their game and wants to help you tell those meaningful, life changing parts of your story.


10. Build Your Dream Team

Danielle Villemarette & Co.

Ask your videographer if there are any other wedding pros in the area that they enjoy working with or work particularly well around! Videographers in the wedding industry like Danielle Villemarette & Co. tend to stay pretty well connected with both photographers and other wedding vendors of all kinds. If they’ve worked well with someone in the past, you may want to consider hiring that person too in order to build a true dream team of vendors. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Featured Image // Ripperton Films

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