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Anniversary Gift Inspiration for Your First 15 Years of Marriage!

Happy anniversary to you, and also to us! We’re celebrating 15 years of The Brides of Oklahoma this year, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing 15 years of anniversary gift inspiration for your own 15 years of marriage! With each anniversary, deciding what gift to get your spouse can become harder and harder – it seems like the more you get to know them, the harder they can be to shop for. If that’s you, you’re in luck! We’ve got a sentimental gift and daily activity for each year leading up to the big 15 and the best local shops and registry locations to find them at. Cheers and happy gifting!


Anniversary gift ideas for 15 years

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1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

Print off your vows from your wedding day and get a nice, new frame for them! As an activity, sit down with your spouse and write out a bucket list for your next year of marriage. Also, don’t forget to snack on that frozen cake!

2nd Anniversary Gift: Fiber

T-shirts or hoodies from a favorite sports team, TV show or movie can never go wrong! For a date night, purchase matching pajamas to wear and a “make your own shirt or sweatshirt” kit – have a fun night indoors making matching clothing!

3rd Anniversary Gift: Leather

For the spouse that likes to read or write, get them a leather bookmark or journal to use for their hobby of choice! Or, purchase your spouse a slick new leather jacket to make them feel as cool as you know they are. At the end of the day, sit down with your spouse and scroll through pictures of your last 3 years and select ones to put in a leather photo album.

4th Anniversary Gift: Flowers

As a spin on traditional flowers, ask your wedding florist to re-create a piece of your wedding florals – whether it be the bouquet, centerpieces or boutonniere. Then, preserve those florals by either pressing them or having them made into coasters or a serving tray. Spend your anniversary at a floral arranging class or by having a picnic in a local garden!

5th Anniversary Gift: Wood

Wood kitchen bowls or a custom charcuterie board make for practical and stylish gifts for the home! Or, have something meaningful to you as a couple engraved into a piece of wood – wedding vows, your favorite wedding photo, or an outline of your first house together. Use the charcuterie board as a date night competition for who makes the best spread!

6th Anniversary Gift: Candy

Gather up all of your spouse’s favorite candies into a giant basket full of all the sweets for your “sweet”ie! Spend the evening getting the biggest sugar high and having a hand in making your own candy or candy apples. 

7th Anniversary Gift: Copper

Splurge on copper Moscow Mule or cocktail glasses for the home with all the accessories! Attend a cocktail making class that day and come back home to make your new craft cocktail creations. Create a couple “signature drink” to bring to all of your dinner parties to come!

8th Anniversary Gift: Bronze

Brainstorm together a piece of bronze to go on either the outside or inside of your home – a custom sign, piece of art or statue to go in your garden! Spend the day picking the perfect spot around the house to place it and hang it together. 

9th Anniversary Gift: Pottery

Commission a custom piece of pottery from a local potter! Anything from a sculpture to a serving piece or container, mug, flatware or vase. For a fun and romantic activity, take a pottery class and create your own custom pieces!

10th Anniversary Gift: Aluminum

A quirky aluminum gift for your spouse could be a lunch box for them to take to work! Go antiquing or thrifting to find items made from aluminum for one another or rent an Airstream camper for a weekend camping trip.

11th Anniversary Gift: Steel

For the adventurous couple, buy one another new bicycles to go on all of the outdoor adventures! Or, as a more practical gift, purchase a high quality piece of stainless steel cookware. Spend the evening recreating your wedding meal with your new pieces!

12th Anniversary Gift: Silk

Silk is such a luxurious piece, so get your spouse all the things! Silk sheets for your bed or a silk blanket to accent your living room furniture. A silk tie, pocket square or scarf makes a great accessory piece for a formal date night out on the town!

13th Anniversary Gift: Lace

For a step away from traditional lace, find a lace scented candle for a unique gift! You also can never have too many pairs of shoes, so gift your spouse a pair of new shoes with an extra pair of lace(s) to switch out – see what we did there?

14th Anniversary Gift: Ivory

In terms of traditional ivory, a piece of jewelry such as a pair of earrings, ring or watch is a stylish option. To go with an ivory alternative, opt for an ivory colored piece – blanket, clothes or cookware – anything you may be needing or wanting to gift! 

15th Anniversary Gift: Crystal

New wine or champagne glasses are always useful! Make them unique by getting a custom engraving – either your wedding date, couple name or favorite saying. Pop the bubbly and celebrate how far you’ve come!

Find this editorial and SO much more in our 15th anniversary edition of The Brides of Oklahoma – happy planning!

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