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Style School | How to Make Your Event Personal

The world of wedding trends is ever-changing, and we’ve seen firsthand how nothing (not even a global pandemic) can slow that down! With trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to stay in the loop with what’s trending now versus what will soon fall out of style. While having a trendy wedding is all the rage, what will the trends you choose say about your wedding design down the road? Knowing when to choose timeless over trendy pieces while also staying true to your own style can pose a huge challenge, but that’s where the expert advice from professionals like Embellished Weddings comes in! For this lesson in our Style School editorial, we’re talking all things on how to personalize your wedding in a tasteful way to create a day you’ll always look back on and love. Scroll to read all of the details and to learn more about Embellished Weddings and their favorite ways to make it personal with wedding elements and trends of 2022. Cheers!

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style school

style school


Where can couples pull inspiration from to create customized and personal details?

It has been so fun to watch how this changes over the years. When I first started planning weddings, brides would come to planning meetings with images cut out from magazines and glued to a piece of paper and inside a binder. Then it transitioned to sharing their Pinterest board with me. And now we are seeing a brand new way they are pulling inspiration and that is through Instagram. They are saving their favorite images to their Wedding Collection on Instagram. They are searching specific hashtags on Instagram and following different wedding accounts.


style school

style school


What tips do you have for couples who are not sure what personal touches to incorporate?

Our main tip for couples who are not sure how to incorporate personal touches would be going off what’s most important to them. Is it the bar? Then creating personal cups, napkins, etc. would be a great way to add a personal touch. Are their pets super important? Then creating a custom watercolor of their pet and putting them into some signage details is a great idea to add another personal touch. It is very important to us to try to pull from their style, personality and theme to help them create those meaningful personal touches to their wedding.


style school

style school


Share a couple of your favorite personal touches that you’ve incorporated into weddings in the past.

We have had a lot of personal touches between the three of us and all of our weddings. One of our bride and groom’s had their horses on their property, where the wedding was. They rode on their horses into the reception and it was a huge part of their story. All of the guests knew how special that personal touch was to them. We have seen a lot of beautiful watercolored pets incorporated into bar signs and signature drinks named after pets. We had another couple that was known for their mutual love of coffee and had custom coffee bags to hand out to guests. We always love seeing a bride and groom’s favorite snack making its way into the timeline for the late-night snack like honey butter chicken biscuits from Whataburger.


style school

style school


What are your tips on creating a one-of-a-kind monogram?

Our first tip would be to create it based on the style of the wedding and colors that go together. We love referring our brides to local professional stationery companies that can create a custom monogram or custom crest. We think it is very important to have a cohesive design from start to finish with all of your wedding details. And a custom one-of-a-kind monogram is one added part that brings everything together. This personalized monogram can be used throughout the wedding in different elements: invitations, programs, menus, wax seal, signage, dance floor, bar front, koozies and more.

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A special thank you to Amanda Taylor, Keely Hoehner, and Abbey Rumbaugh from Embellished Weddings for sharing their insight on incorporating this season’s top wedding trends into your wedding! Visit their Brides of Oklahoma vendor profile here to see all the incredible services this team offers for your celebration. For more style school lessons on making it personal, head to @bridesofok on Instagram!

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