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Before I Do

Kirsten + Ian

photo | Picturesque Photos by Amanda


Ian and Kirsten met in Denver Colorado. When choosing a place to ask her to be his forever, Ian knew it should be where he first laid eyes on her. Back in 2014, they met online and he picked her up for their first date in front of her apartment. Fast forward 3 years and 8 months and Ian and Kirsten are now proud Oklahoma residents. One September weekend they decided to make a trip back to Denver. They were driving around that afternoon and he made a quick pit stop by her old apartment. She was the one that insisted they get out and reenact that romantic kiss they had when they first met – the one that swept her off her feet and made her think he may be “the one”. It was there, in the beautiful sunshine, with that crisp, fall air and colorful aspen leaves all around him that Ian pulled out a ring asking her the question she’d been waiting to hear for years.