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Photo // Crystal Shaw

Brooklynn + Cole

Surprise Airplane Proposal

We recently had the most eventful October. The fact that she’s an extreme planner made me all the more determined to pull something off that she’d never see coming. It started with the basics of making sure she would feel confident with how she looked and then moved to making sure she had a relaxing and enjoyable day leading up to the very night. So when what she thought was going to be dinner with family turned into a private flight for two with my brother as the chauffeur, she was delighted at the surprise date. However, after some wild aerial maneuvers, her mind was far from investigating further. By the time we got back to the runway, she was really caught off guard when she found me down on one knee dreaming out loud a picture of the rest of our lives. Seeing the whole gamut of emotions run across her face was so special and getting it captured from a hidden photographer made it all the more special to share with our waiting families. We met up with them on a nearby rooftop and celebrated all night. We have yet to come down from the ethereal high.